About Us

Acuity provides management consulting to supply chain companies throughout North America. Acuity's pragmatic approach improves the bottom line by making the most of existing systems and resources, and by providing the education necessary for ongoing success without ongoing support.

When you choose Acuity Consulting, you're choosing a firm that will share your vision, have the knowledge and experience to understand and address your challenges, and the passion to bring about the desired results.

To learn more, please explore our site, or contact us at (714) 657-0037.

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More Than a Partnership

We bring no software or solutions bias to the table. Instead, we listen. We learn your terminology, your business practices, and we understand and adopt your vision. We accept your challenges, and your definitions of success.

The result of this process is more than a partnership. Rather, we join you in working together as a single team, bonded with trust, ideally positioned to ensure your company’s success through today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Our professionals have stellar reputations in their field gained through decades of experience in industry, coupled with active participation in professional forums and networks.

What drives us to volunteer on boards and committees instead of heading home at the end of a long day?

It’s passion. That same passion motivates us to make your business the most successful it can possibly be, and provides us with intense satisfaction as we help you achieve your goals. That same passion drives us past the what of a problem, and makes us discover, understand and resolve the why.

The focus of our passion: your ROI.